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Sword Drills

Sword Drills   The cover art for Sword Drills, the companion volume to the upcoming book How To Study Your Bible, arrived this week. Why the name Sword Drills? According to author Michael Dorsey: "The Bible refers to the Word of God symbolically as a sword. Ephesians 6:17 calls it 'the sword of the…

Free Study Guide

April 26, 2015
Free Bible Study Guide Malakim Press wants to connect with you! To help make that happen we have developed a FREE study guide harmonizing the accounts of Jesus Christ's life and ministry in the four Gospels. Have you ever wondered when certain events in Jesus' life happened? This guide puts them…

Extreme Home Page Makeover!

April 22, 2015
Extreme Home Page Makeover! While we here at Malakim Press have been getting ready for the release of How To Study Your Bible, the next book from the How To Live series, we've also been quietly renovating our web space. Now we're ready to go live with a site that will impress and amaze, with increased…
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